Damasus Trapp

Damasus Trapp OSA


Ordine di Sant'Agostino


He was born on September 3, 1907, at Bickenriede, Germany, son of Josef Trapp and Barbara Voelker. He entered the Augustinian College in Munnerstadt on April 1, 1920. He was a good classical student and became the valedictorian of his class. He made his simple profession in the Order on April 28, 1928 and his solemn profession on April 28, 1931. He was ordained to the priesthood on July 12, 1931 in Rome, where he had been sent for Theological Studies. Fr. Damasus finished his post-graduate studies magna cum laude and his Vatican palaeography courses summa cum laude in 1935.

In 1939, he was sent to the United States. While serving as a member of a team of research scholars, he also worked he worked in New York at St. Joseph of Yorkers, Cathedral College, and Our Lady of Victory from 1940 to 1960. During the years 1969-70 Fr. Damasus was Postulator of the Augustinian Order. In that capacity, he published documentation regarding the Good Counsel Shrine at Genazzano outside of Rome, Documentazione Ritiana Antica, and also six smaller volumes of the correspondence of Bartholomew Menocchio (+1823), Augustinian Papal Sacristan and Confessor of Pope Pius VII. In 1969, he was chosen to head an international team of scholars editing the critical edition of the Commentary on the Sentences of the Augustinian theologian Gregory of Rimini (+1358). From 1970-77, he was in Tubingen, Germany, engaged in this task. He was then transferred to Ottawa, Canada in 1977, and after some time in New York, he came to Marylake Monastery, King City, Ontario in 1983.

Beside his lifelong involvement in scholarship, Fr. Damasus remained a priest at heart and never lost his pastoral concerns as was eloquently voiced by those who cared for him in his last illness.

On December 23, 1996, Fr. Damasus Adolf Trapp was called by God after a long and fruitful life as a priest, religious and scholar. He died at the Jesuit Infirmary in Pickering, Ontario. Father Damasus was laid to rest in the Augustinian plot in the Sacred Heart Cemetery in King City on December 28, 1996.

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